Deluxe Ultra-Lightweight ANR Headset

Refined design elements and a range of innovative new features make the AIRMAN 8+ the best-performing Telex Airman Active Noise Reduction (ANR) headset to date.

  • ANR reduces fatigue and improves intelligibility
  • Larger comfortable leatherette ear cushions and sanitary replaceable covers are included
  • Two different sized interchangeable soft headband pads and ultralightweight design for enhanced comfort, even on long flights
  • Strong stainless steel headband and dual-axis pivot points for increased durability and long headset life
  • New yoke design provides dual-axis adjustments and rotation stabilization
  • Excellent ANR performance and microphone noise cancellation ensure superior in-flight communication
  • Innovative technology eliminates the need for batteries
  • Fully FAA TSO-C139a approved
  • Meets RTCA DO-160G and DO-214A standards