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MAG-LITE LED FLASHLIGHT/Red, 3 D-cell. Overview:

The Mini Maglite LED flashlight delivers performance

oriented features in a sleek compact design. This advanced lighting

instrument is driven by the next generation of MAG-LED Technology.

The benefits include:


Peak Power – When peak performance is required.

25 % Power – Low Lighting

Blink Mode – Blinks approx. once a second

SOS Signals International Morse Code Distress Signal.

NEW High Performance Luxeon Rebel LED and a More Powerful Projecting LED Beam that focuses simply by rotating the head.

Balanced Optics__, combining a highly refined reflector with a new performance enhanced LED, yielding high output intensity.

Intelligent Energy Source Management

– Refining a concept pioneered by Mag Instrument, the second-generation

electronics in the 2-Cell AA flashlight let the user choose the power


The Multi-Function Electronic Switch

offers two different power settings – a maximum-power setting that

yields maximum brightness and a 25% power setting to conserve battery

power for reading at night, or for a prolonged emergency.

Extended Battery Life

– Compared to the prior-generation Mini Maglite 2AA LED flashlight,

this next-generation flashlight yields much improved battery longevity

even in the maximum-power mode. And at the 25% power setting, a fresh

set of batteries should literally last for days of continuous


Additional information


Category: Flashlight

Item# ST3D036


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