Product Spotlight: AeroCruze 100 Autopilot Control Head

Revolutionize Your Flight with the AeroCruze 100 Autopilot

The AeroCruze 100 Autopilot Control Head stands out in the realm of aviation technology, especially for Cessna and Piper aircraft. This digital autopilot system not only offers affordability but also brings unparalleled flexibility to the cockpit.

Key Features and Functionality:

  1. Seamless Integration with AeroVue: The AeroCruze 100 Autopilot integrates smoothly with AeroVue Touch EFIS, offering an enhanced piloting experience.
  2. GPS Compatibility: It connects to both handheld and panel mount GPS systems. With a handheld GPS, the AeroCruze 100 Autopilot follows programmed flight plans, while with a panel mount GPS, it adheres to roll steering […]

Introducing the AV-30C Multi-Function Display

Aviation technology has always been at the forefront of innovation, and the AV-30C Multi-Function Display stands as a testament to this enduring legacy. Designed for precision and reliability, this certified digital precision attitude and directional gyro is revolutionizing the way pilots navigate and control their aircraft.

Overview of the AV-30C Multi-Function Display

The AV-30C Multi-Function Display is more than just an instrument; it’s a pivotal addition to any cockpit. Boasting an array of features like attitude indication, directional gyro, altitude, airspeed, vertical speed, and more, it ensures pilots have all necessary information at a glance. Its intuitive interface and crisp display enhance […]


How the K9323030A000 – Multi-Function Primary Flight Display Unit | 12 Inch Enhances Your Flight Experience

The K9323030A000 – Multi-Function Primary Flight Display Unit | 12 Inch (MFDU) is a state-of-the-art avionics device that provides pilots with a comprehensive and intuitive view of their flight data. The MFDU is designed to replace the traditional analog instruments and gauges in the cockpit, and to integrate seamlessly with other BendixKing products such as the AeroVue Touch flight deck and the AeroNav GPS navigators. In this blog post, we will explore some of the features and benefits of the MFDU, and how it can improve your safety, efficiency, and enjoyment of flying.

What is the MFDU?

The MFDU is a 12-inch […]


The Ultimate Product Showcase: Why the EngiBOX Engine Monitoring System is a Must-Have for Rotax Engine Users

If you’re an aviation enthusiast or a professional pilot using Rotax engines, you’ve probably been on the lookout for the best ways to monitor your engine’s health and performance. After all, what’s more critical than ensuring that your flight engine is operating at peak efficiency? Well, look no further! The EngiBOX Engine Monitoring System is the one-stop solution you’ve been searching for. In this product showcase, we’ll dive into why this engine monitoring system is an absolute game-changer for Rotax engine users.

What is EngiBOX?

Let’s start by understanding what exactly the EngiBOX Engine Monitoring System is. It’s an innovative, all-in-one engine […]


ELT 345 Aviation Kits

Quick, easy, and affordable retrofit kits

8102 ELT 345 Standard Kit

The most economical option features the standard 23.5-inch black whip antenna and standard two-wire remote switch.

8107 ELT 345 Compact Kit & 8108 ELT 345 Slim Kit

The two other newly designed kits include a lower profile 15-inch black whip antenna designed for installations where a shorter form factor is required. The 8102 and 8107 kits include the standard two-wire remote switch, and the 8108 kit features a new slim profile switch.

Switch It Up

The new slim-line switch is perfect for ACK and Ameri-King ELT retrofits as it requires no modification […]


Meet the Airman 8+

Deluxe Ultra-Lightweight ANR Headset

Refined design elements and a range of innovative new features make the AIRMAN 8+ the best-performing Telex Airman Active Noise Reduction (ANR) headset to date. […]



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